Starlink’s Partners

Ariba Is an integrated procurement and supply chain services company with a focus on developing shared services and outsourcing environment in areas of cataloging, strategic sourcing, procurement services and Hosted ERP applications.

Procurement Digital Transformation FAST with JAGGAER .The world’s largest independent spend management company Delivering.


   Godov is a leading world-class company providing e-auctions and industrial assets management services
Jcatalogs, based in Germany is a leading Global provider of content management and e-procurement solutions.
TSS’s portfolio of Sap solutions and CIG ORACLE Solutions are designed to accommodate various business environments and technology preferences.
Starlink’s partner in implementing EAM projects. Lerumo’s EAM experience spreads across a wide spectrum of industries including energy, telecommunication, banking, defence, process plant, nuclear, transport, aviation and mining

XIO Services for Inventory Optimization