1    Our Services


1.1    MRO Materials Management

The core of Starlink’s offerings in the market and the essence of what they are about.

1.1.1.   Services

Starlink provides full, turnkey solutions for customer that require the cleansing and standardization of their materials master data.  These services include:

  • Starlink MRO Cataloguing solution allows enterprise buyers and their suppliers to collaborate effectively in the creation of rich, accurate and up-to-date product information. This involves significant resources to process rich content information such as pictures, diagrams and specification sheets that need to be linked to each product or service.

  1. Content Classification/Identification

  2. Content Cleansing

  3. Content Enrichment/Enhancement

  4. Content Imaging    Content Classification/Identification


Starlink provides classification services to classify the products and services to well known global standard schema such as USC, UNSPSC, eCl@ss, MESC and SMD etc.

Starlink can provide classification services to classify the products and services to any in-house / proprietary schema of manufacturer/supplier in the domain of MRO, IT and Office Supplies.

Starlink team of experts can build a schema to specific domain tailored to customer needs. This comes with category codes, category definition, Characteristics names and Characteristics definitions cross reference to any existing schema.    Content Cleansing

Noun/Modifier Identification

Noun / modifiers help in unambiguously identify a product and helps in easy grouping the products. We assign Noun / Modifiers to products with the help of existing descriptions. Potential Duplicate Resolution
Duplicates are identified and removed by adopting various permutations of pattern matching rules, database queries and manual inspection.

Re-arranging the description

Using our team of highly experienced content engineers, input descriptions are re-arranged in the order of "Noun, Modifier, Defining characteristics, Manufacturer Name, Part Number". Starlink has also expertise in creating short description to limit number of characters.

Characteristics extraction

Starlink can provide characteristics extraction to any industry standard characteristics schema and can also develop new set of characteristics by using in-house our domain expert's knowledge.


Starlink can format the data entities such as Manufacturer/supplier names, Characteristics values, abbreviations, Unit of measurements etc to a uniform and consistent values based on a specific Style-guide.    Content Enrichment/ Enhancement

Starlink can perform data enrichment by employing any or all the below steps.

  • Data enrichment by sourcing manufacturer websites

  • Data enrichment by "manual sourcing" i.e. by contacting suppliers for additional data

  • Data enrichment by collecting additional data by "plant walk- downs"

By sourcing Manufacturer/Supplier website: We adopt the followings steps to enrich the data by using this method:

  • List of distinct Manufacturers are compiled from the input data

  • For each Manufacturer, his official / authorized web sources are collected. This task is performed by a separate team that is specialized in locating online resources.

  • Manufacturer website URLs, Images and Data sheets are recorded.

  • From the given input, descriptions are analyzed and appropriate Noun-modifiers are assigned (as per the Characteristics schema preferred by client).

  • If required, data classification and data cleansing is performed based on the customer's preference.

  • Characteristics templates are selected for the individual Noun-modifier combinations and applied to the record.

  • Values are populated from the input and websites for these Characteristics.

  • Quality checks re carried out during the production process and before delivery

By contacting Manufacturer/Suppliers: Supplier sourcing or manual sourcing is the process whereby suppliers are directly contacted for product information when web scraping doesn't yield results. Starlink will engage the suppliers to get product information in a time-bound and convenient manner. Suppliers are contacted by email / phone call / fax by Starlink representatives.

By plant walk-down: Starlink professionals are specialized in onsite sourcing of parts information. Starlink has executed several on-site projects and has gained valuable expertise. The information is sourced from various sources within the plant like Stores, Item Master, Purchase orders/requisitions, Codification rules, Tags, Nameplates, Catalogs, etc. Additionally, the items are physically assessed and measured to gather technical data.    Content Imaging

Starlink provide material images by searching through Manufacturer’s catalogues, their websites and even by physical walkdown. Images are then resized, cleaned-up if required.


  • Data standardization; i.e. standardizing all descriptions and attributes to a standard

  • Data enrichment; i.e. obtaining attributes that do not exist in the customer’s data extracts. This can either be done electronically with electronic data validation tools or manually from supplier catalogues or via telephonic enquiries by content factories.  Furthermore Starlink ME perfected the methodologies to use physical item inspection or walk downs for this purpose and can include the photography of the items to obtain graphic images of items.

  • Content Syndication Model; Starlink provides buyers access to Quadrem’s global Content Repository. Middle Eastern buyers can use the repository for an initial content syndication before they cleanse their data at a lower cost than what the content factory would charge them. Once they have completed their cleansing the buyer can also subscribe to the repository to obtain continued access to it as additional buyers join.  This commercial model behind the repository also ensures that Middle Eastern buyers can share or syndicate their data and obtain additional value from their content.

  • Content BPO; Starlink offers dedicated services to support our buyers in the continued process to keep their data clean. This entails on and off site professionals to manage the new item creation process on behalf of the buyers and to run regular data verification processes to ensure the highest level of data cleanliness.


1.2    Industrial Assets Management

1.2.1.   Services

The following services are provided by Starlink Middle East professional engineering consulting services:    Fixed asset management solutions with respect to asset health care

  • Total Productive Maintenance business assessment to measure the functionality, the activities, triggers and workflow effectiveness of the infrastructure, processes and systems

  • Maintenance management system specification, selection and implementation

  • CMMS cost benefit analysis

  • Mobile maintenance task notification and feedback using hand held mobile devices

  • Engineering inventory and procurement system specification, selection and implementation

  • Evaluation and establishment of configuration management activities quality processes and audit processes (ISO 10 0007 based)

  • Configuration Management training programmes

  • Documentation management    Fixed asset management with respect to asset accounting

  • Structuring and compilation of a verified, accurate asset register to manage the asset throughout its life

  • Depreciation method application (wear and tear) on profit and loss statement

  • Assets portfolio on balance sheet for life cycle analysis

  • Workflow management / degree of automation on asset transactions (e.g. transfers, disposals)

  • History, transactions and ranking reports per responsible area definition

  • Configuration Management audit services

  • Engineering Content Baselines

  • Fixed Asset Innovations

1.2.2.   Starlink Approaches in Asset Management

  • Asset Governance:

This approach has effective financial accounting and control as its primary objective.

  • Interim Upgrade of Fixed Asset Accounting:

This approach provides an interim solution that allows / protects the future ability to move to option 3 without duplication of effort. 

  • Integrated Fixed Asset Accounting & Asset Management:

This approach adopts best practices for Fixed Asset Accounting and results in the best        possible asset management and enables a solid foundation for Asset Risk management.


1.2.3.   Starlink’s Six Main Steps for Asset Management

  • Asset Classification and Data

  • Capacity Condition Performance

  • Maintenance Strategy

  • Refurbishment Strategy

  • Budget Planning Project priorities

  • Resources Allocation

1.2.4.   Starlink’s Asset Management Decision Support Tools

  • Demand Management System

  • Design Management System

  • Portfolio & Programm Management System

  • Location Information system

  • Materials Management System

  • Plant Management System

  • Financial Management System

  • Risk Management System

  • Performance Tracking & Analysis System

  • Network Management System

  • Document Management System



1.2.5.   Starlink’s Asset Strategy & Investment Planning

  • Investment Decision / Criteria

  • Determine Alternative Solutions

  • Confirm Investments

  • Determine Investment Portfolio

  • Update and Manage Asset Plan

  • Asset Register

  • Optimize Asset Strategy

  • Spares

  • Develop / Maintain Standards

1.2.6.   Enterprise Asset Management – Solution Overview



1.3    Inventory Optimization


Star-Link through its xIO Inventory Optimization service, improves productivity, reduces maintenance inventory value and provides accurate lead-time information through proven optimization service solutions. This unique service identifies, quantifies, reports, optimizes and audits inventory operations activity – offering immediate payback with little disruption to your organization.


The xIO Inventory Optimizer, our flagship inventory reduction software service, has been successfully proven to reduce MRO inventory costs since 1996 – in refining, mining, food, transportation and automotive industries. xIO optimizes MRO inventory costs by mmediately identifying declining stock, preventing the purchase of declining inventory items perpetually and automatically uncovers and stops stock out problems. The xIO has a self-audit function to continually update the benefits of the service and drive compliance.


The monthly xIO Inventory Optimization service automatically analyzes, adjusts, reports and audits all of the information required to support best practice nventory management and bring the inventory in line with your current business cycle – whether ebb or flow. Accurate lead times are calculated, appropriate order points and order quantities are determined and “action items” are reported.


All of this occurs regularly and automatically with no effort required by the purchasing professional.  Time is freed up for more important tasks and supply chain initiatives. The results are:


  • Significant improvement in material availability that leads to increased productivity (usually 10% to 20%)

  • Substantial reduction in moving inventory value (usually 12%)

  • Complete program audit of all transactions, recommendations, results and compliance.